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Lead A Busy life? Quit smoking before work, at lunch, after work or on a weekend. Walk out a non-smoker in under an hour. All for the cost of a few packets of cigarettes.

Just Call  1300 203 422 To Make Your Appointment To Quit Smoking For Life.

Plus you can speed your recovery from smoking by following our free online 30 days Wellness and energy programme just click roadmaptovibranthealth.com

The benefits to you of this FREE programme include weight loss, pain reduction, increased energy and hormone balancing.


Breathing easier in just one week and having more energy and sleeping better.

Plus everyday your body recovers you are removing the nasty health risks that all smokers are all too aware about.

 I know that quitting is a big deal for you. and I treat it as a big deal as well. If you would like to discuss how to quit smoking cigarettes feel free to call me on 1300 203 422. If I can't answer I'm most likely helping someone just like you to quit. But I will return your call ASAP

Your Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why don't you offer a life time guarantee like some others?

A. Simple, a life time guarantee means nothing.  Whose life, yours, theirs? People move or quit, and the guarantee goes with them. I've seen many people in this business come and go, but years later I'm still here helping people to become non smokers every day.

Q. Some people are much more expensive than you, whats the difference?

A. I can't speak for others, I get great results and you will be far less out of pocket.

Q. What happens if I can't quit.

A. Occasionally I need to do a second session with a different strategy, there will be a reduced fee of $97 fee for this session.  After helping over 1300 people to quit I estimate about 5% of people will need a second session. this leaves about 3% that I can't help. Unfortunately this is life in the real world of helping people with difficult problems.


PS This programme isnt for you if...

You just want someone to do all the work for you.

If you are not 100% committed to your future.

If you are quitting to please someone else.

If you are just giving it a go to see what happens.

Or..if you are going to light up a cigarette after the session just to prove you don't need one!

If you don't live near my clinics or you would prefer to quit from home using an cost effective method...

just click here and you will discover my new quit at home audio program.


This is the 5 step Platinum process which will free you from smoking for life.

  1. You receive a link via email to a video which is your introduction to the process, this will also bust some of your long held beliefs about smoking. The purpose is for you to take this information on board in your own time, any questions arising will be answered when you come in for your quit session.

If you don't have email I can text you a link for the video which you can view on your phone or on a friends computer or in a library, it is important that you view the videos so that we can get straight to work when you come in for your quit session.

  2. When you attend your quit session all your smoking history will be addressed, and you will discover a powerful method to manage stress in your life. Plus you will learn new behaviors to replace smoking.

3. The night of your session you will receive my ebook "Your Next Step To Great Health" which is designed to not only support you as a non smoker , but to give you valuable tips on well being gathered from my 30 years in Natural health.

4. You also receive a video link which clearly explains an important method for reducing stress, anxiety and negative beliefs in your life. You can even use this method to improve your golf game!

5. You receive a support audio CD designed to play daily for at least a week.

I am now a non smoker. Thank you very much for all your advice and friendship

T Cleal

I had tried so much and nothing worked. I had no idea how much emotion I had about what I was doing to my self and my kids. I am confident that I will never smoke again

J Taylor

Although I wasn't sure of the process, I did want to give up even though I have tried before. The technique that Ian has created is what I needed to give me that extra hand to totally give up smoking. J Warren

Despite my strong desire to stop I haven't been successful-Ian has eroded my belief systems and I am feeling exceptionally free and confident as a non smoker. Thank you Ian C  Dowse

I know now that I won't ever smoke again. All that I can want now is possible. Good health, seeing my family grow up and marry and for myself to be able to take over my life again. Thank you Ian L Whitburn

Hi Ian, Just thought I’d drop you a quick email to advise we are both still non-smokers and feeling much much better overall. Thanks again for your help. Best Regards

M Rondo

It has given me the willpower I need to not smoke in the future. I want to have a healthy life and smoking was the one thing that was preventing me from my goal. It is easy and I will make not smoking easy as well, as opposed to battling with my will M Clancy